so u busted me.

so tumblr's a decision.

the reality right now is too much again. the virtual world is a dream to me. so let's just say, welcome me, again, to the dunia maya. always finding a new place in a midnight.

a fan of arts, world, humanity, and more. an art student in Bali does painting and batik.

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Bali Hindu teaches about Tri Hita Karana
So in here I pictured the three harmonic connection between human and God, human, environment.
I picked hands because we are suppose to be Tri Kaya Parisudha which is Three Holy Attitudes, not to speak, think and act bad.
Think about it, even though you think right and you speak right but in the end you don’t act right, it would just be the same. So everything goes down to the hands of the human. If a human thinks of something to develop and speak it and everybody agrees to it and wants to do it yet there’s no command from you, then that means your hands are not working.
because in the end of the day, your hands are the ones responsible.
  • 28 September 2010
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