so u busted me.

so tumblr's a decision.

the reality right now is too much again. the virtual world is a dream to me. so let's just say, welcome me, again, to the dunia maya. always finding a new place in a midnight.

a fan of arts, world, humanity, and more. an art student in Bali does painting and batik.

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Right, just realised something. A main reason why Im angry they cut it out.

When Harry was found to be alive, no one else reacted, other than Draco. Ron and Hermione just stood there smiling. Ginny just stood there, Neville just stood there, everyone he would count as friends just stood there. None of them tried to help, none of them gave their wand to him.

But Draco, the person he had fallen out with the most, even though Voldemort could have killed him, ran to Harry and gave him his wand. 

Doesnt that speak a lot?


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Cy TwomblyUntitled. 2006acrylic on canvas84 3/4 x 66 in. (215 x 167.8 cm)

i love cy twombly so much :)


Cy Twombly
Untitled. 2006
acrylic on canvas
84 3/4 x 66 in. (215 x 167.8 cm)

i love cy twombly so much :)


Harry, Ron and Hermione are so in tune with one another- they’ve spent so much time together, and they’ve done all these amazing things together, that they kind of work together like as one person, if that makes sense? There’s this great shot that we did a couple of weeks ago where um Hermione like, throws the basilisk fang, and Harry catches it, he stabs the horcrux, then Ron runs forward and kicks it in- and it’s just kind of like an amazing piece of clockwork and we’re all kind of connected, and really, together as one. And it’s kind of amazing. — Emma Watson

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i miss watching this :(


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Ron/Hermione Kiss 

sketchvember day 9. THIS TOOK ME FOREVER BUT NO REGRETS AT ALL OMG. yeah, I’ve watched you, movie, and I reject you. Because there will be a true adaptation of the books, if it means that I have to draw every single frame of the seven volumes myself! :P


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wot is this real life


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back in the days… the fandom was strong… taken probs back in 2006 in London
love those days… can I take it back? I don’t even know where my posters went since  I moved to Indonesia… hmmmm
*covers eyes but just one eye pickin to see daniel*

omg so adorablleeeeeeee

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i love this compilation of hermione…. emma is just so amazing..  i know hermione is not suppose to be that all pretty… but i think emma have captured hermione quite awesome..hermione taught me to be strong and don’t be afraid if you’re a girl.. the masculinity of the world will never change.. but JK Rowling seemed to have created a character that will push more girls to be brave and never give up with hope…. and emma herself showed it too.. she didn give up in hope.. she keep up continuing education.. she’s so lucky…
i will miss harry potter movies dearly… no more waiting next year of another one will come… i grew up with them… n i dont care if people don’t like them.. but i know alot more people in this world do.. and i realised that maybe half of the world’s population even more loved the harry potter books, movies and more.. n i wish all the cast of the potters the best of luck and success…